Are you aware of how loud sound levels should be around your baby?

When you’re trying to do everything to help your little one drift off to sleep, you might think ‘I’ll just put something on as loud as it goes and hope that helps’.
The reality is, you could be doing more harm than good.

How loud is too loud?

Anything over 80 Decibels (DB) can actually do some damage to your baby’s ears.
This includes using your phone, iPad, computer, or any device that emits sound that doesn’t cap it at a safe level.

In some cases, iPhones can produce sounds of around 115 DB – this includes when you play sounds for your baby while they’re trying to sleep.

You might also be shocked to know that while there is a known sound level that is safest for little ones, there is no law that enforces toys or other sounds devices to stay within these safe sound levels.

When creating the Glow Dreaming, we wanted to make sure every aspect of the unit was safe for your little one.

The Glow Dreaming only plays pink noise and has three different volume levels (50, 60 and 70 decibels - all within a safe and healthy range for babies).

 We worked with Dr. Stéphane Pigeon who is a world leading expert in sound design and research engineer from Belgium. He has worked for NATO and was the exclusive sound designer at Rolland Corporation.
With Dr. Pigeon’s expertise the Pink Noise within the Glow Dreaming is a world first. Not only does it block out background noise safely, it inducing delta wave sleep, where we get the most rest.




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