Australia's #1 Children's Sleep Aid Backed By Science

There is scientific research to back all aspects of the Glow Dreaming.

The Glow Dreaming was designed along side world leading professionals in their field and was created to actually work.

Keeping science at the forefront of our minds has meant that, no matter what age you introduce the Glow, it will you'll find success.

Glow Dreaming combines red LED light therapy, Pink noise, humidifier and aromatherapy (sleepy essential oil) making it the only sleep aid of it's kind that is designed by leading experts in their fields, and helps create a healthy relationship with sleep the non-habit-forming way. This, along with our ICRA 14 day Sleep Program (Available in the premium bundle), will create amazing, positive sleep habits that will follow your little one into adulthood.

Pink Noise:
Red Light Therapy:

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