How have we improved on something that's been so successful?

We've worked very closely with two of the world's leading experts in their field. Dr Stephane Pigeon and Dr Bo Hendgen to create something truly special.

We've also carefully collected feedback from nearly 10,000 customers to better understand what did and didn't work so that we could improve on the original Glow Dreaming in every possible way.

I couldn't be prouder or more excited about the outcome!!!

The biggest changes first

Have you ever heard of Slow Wave Sleep Sound Therapy?

Well it's now a key feature of the new Glow Dreaming. This is really a bit of a world first and not something we had the capability of doing in house. So we worked with Dr Stephane Pigeon who is one of the world’s leading sound specialists. What’s Slow Wave Sleep Therapy? You've probably heard of white noise, well it’s a totally artificial sound and because of that the brain works even when sleeping trying to figure it out. Although it successfully blocks out background noise it doesn’t help get you into a deep sleep. 

Slow Wave sleep sound therapy utilises what’s called Pink Noise. This sound is very commonly found in nature, in things like waterfalls, rain and thunder. Dr Stephane Pigeon has recreated the frequencies of pink noise in a rhythm and timing so that it helps cause drowsiness and gets us to a state of sleep called Slow Wave Sleep. This is the sleep you go into when you go past dreaming. It is the most restful and best type of sleep. 

Recent studies have shown that not only will Slow Wave Sound Therapy improve your chances of getting sleep and sleeping better but it will also improve your child’s retention and focus. 

Slow Wave Sleep Sound Therapy is controlled by it's own button and can work totally independently of all the other features or used in other various combinations. It will only switch off when switched off manually. So now you don't have to stress about it switching off in the middle of the night. 

Glow Dreaming can now change with your child or home! 

The new Glow Dreaming comes with a clean finish making it suitable for anyone and everyone. What is special is that you can now choose from a range of 4 slip on interchangeable silicone slip covers. With your new Glow Dreaming you will get to select the sleeve you prefer as part of the Starter Pack which will also include an oil. You can of course choose more than one sleeve, so that you can swap them around.

From time to time we will release new sleeves for you to choose from. From now on your Glow Dreaming can change with your décor or your child’s age making it multi functional and timeless. 

The little things which add up to a whole lot more:

  • Each of the features can be set and will work independently of one another. You can choose slow wave sleep sound therapy, humidifier or Red LED Light Therapy to work alone or in any combination you like. When the humidifier runs out the other features will continue to work until switched off. No more switching off in the middle of the night!! 

  • There are only two light colours to choose from red or green. Choose between great sleep or calm days. Each LED light setting comes with 3 brightness levels. The dimmest being much dimmer than that on the original Glow Dreaming. This allows you to find the best setting to suit your child. 

  • This unit doesn’t have push buttons but instead uses touch buttons. It makes it so much easier to use and a lot more durable. We’ve also gotten rid of the beeping so your child won’t ever be disturbed by the push of a button again. This Glow Dreaming's  operation is totally silent if you choose it to be. 

  • The small green function/on light is gone and is now red. This ensures that Glow emits no light colour detrimental to your child’s sleep.    

  • There is only one mist setting rather than high and low. This will minimise confusion and ensure you get a full 10-12 hours out of the humidifier.

  • The power plug rather than being underneath is at the side. This makes it much easier to plug in and out when filling with water.

  • The fog mouth is bigger and has been especially designed to ensure it doesn’t get blocked by water droplets. 

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