Keeping A Good Sleep Routine During the Holidays

 You may notice that during the holidays, there can be a decline in your child sleep.

 The first thing to note is that you’re not the only one! It is normal to see a decline or disturbance to your little one’s sleep at this time of year.

That’s the bad news…the good news? We can help.

You may find that sleep health during the holiday is disturbed because of the following.



A disturbance in routine is difficult to deal with, and that’s for anyone, let alone your kids!

This time of year brings with it the holidays too, so if your little one is in day-care or school, they’re thrust into a different lifestyle for a period of time.

When things are a bit topsy-turvy, the first thing to go is almost always sleep. This is something you would have seen during periods of teething and developmental leaps as well!



It very common to go travelling around the holiday period.

Especially if we are considering the events of recent, getting away is a no brainer!

This means a couple of things though…

As well as touching on the above – a disruption of routine – you’re also facing the fact of being in a new space with new surroundings.

This is difficult for anyone, especially children.

Your environment has a big impact on sleep, sleeping well and your consistent sleep health. When you become accustomed to your space – i.e. your room – and then all of a sudden you’re no longer sleeping there, your sleep can become disrupted.



Oh boy! This one is pretty self-explanatory.

I mean…it’s the holidays! What can be more exciting than that! And holiday’s when you’re a kid?! That’s a no brainer.

The excitement is running high and it can be so incredibly difficult to come down from that.

This can lead to being overtired and fighting bed time and then, following this, a disturbed and restless sleep, and so the pattern begins to night after night of broken sleep. Not very fun when all you want to do is relax!



Does any of the above resonate? Well, we have a solution for you.

Glow Dreaming is a catalyst for sleep success. What does this mean? It means that with the Glow Dreaming, all the issues you encounter above can be overcome.

The Glow Dreaming is the centre of your routine.

Starting at the beginning let's tackle the excitement factor.


When your child is excited, getting them to wind down is almost impossible without a tantrum and/or tears.

Part of your wind-down process with the Glow Dreaming is having the unit on with the Brightest Red LED setting with the humidifier going for around 15-20 minutes before bed.


 The Red LED helps the natural production of melatonin in the brain.


This means that being around the light will have your child calming down and getting ready for bed. Accompanying this is the humidifier and aromatherapy diffuser.

From 8 weeks onward you can use the Glow Lullaby Sleepy Essential oil. This formula has been brought to you by world-leading experts, tried and tested to work and positively assist in getting your child to sleep. The Glow Lullaby oil will help calm the mind and body.

The essential oil combined with the Red LED for wind-down results in an easy and enjoyable transition into sleep, no matter what excitement level your mini is at to begin!


Routine and travel are overcome similarly. As the Glow Dreaming is the centre of your routine, it brings consistently no matter where you are. The sleep environment stays the same even if the room changes thanks to the atmosphere created by the Glow Dreaming from the Red LED, the Aromatherapy and the Pink Noise combination. 


Learn more about how the Glow Dreaming can help you keep a good sleep routine this holiday season! 

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