Is the Hype Real? Media Mentions Featuring Glow Dreaming

We’ve had a big year here at Glow Dreaming when it comes to our media coverage.
Whether it be, MammaMia, Yahoo! or even the Daily Mail, there’s one thing all these outlets are agreeing on; Glow Dreaming is a miracle for children experiencing sleep difficulties.
It all started right at Kidspot, where Melissa Wilson wrote an incredibly beautiful piece about Glow Dreaming helping her little boy get to sleep after months of restless sleep. While she was skeptical at first, Melissa gave the Glow a shot one rough night. She had this to say: 
“[…] on that particular night, I was so desperate for sleep,
I plugged it in. The next thing I knew, it was 6.30am and
I hadn’t heard a peep from my little angel with devil wings.
What was this magic machine and how on earth did it get a
toddler so determined to party all night, to finally go the
[heck] to sleep?”
Melissa and her son.


Amongst all the reviews and articles that followed, it was clear that one thing was standing out to everyone writing them, and that was our research into what we like to call NASA’s “LED Makeover”.
This refers to NASA outfitting the U.S. unit of the ISS (International Space Station) with LEDs that simulate the light cycles of nature using blue (morning/daytime) and red (sunset/night) light.
The reason they use red LEDs for the evening is simple: red LEDs stimulate the production of melatonin, our body’s natural sleep hormone, allowing the astronauts on the ISS to maintain a regular sleep schedule without the need for sleep drug-dependency. Once we discovered this, we instantly included a red LED in the Glow and it has been a key feature ever since. It seems we weren’t the only ones impressed by this technology, as Kidspot, Mamamia, METRO, New Idea, Heart, the Daily Mail, OK! and the Herald all noted our connection to the NASA story. I guess you can say it was an out of this world idea…
As we’ve mentioned, there was a boom in our popularity thanks to all these reviews. However, the one that really took us into the public eye was the Daily Mail. In fact, it took the whole team here at Glow Dreaming by surprise, we had no idea it was coming! All these reviews are unsolicited and unpaid, this means we had no idea we were going to be the subject of one until it was published. Thanks to Emilia Mazza of Daily Mail, we gained a whole new audience out of the UK and US, amongst many more locations. We now get shipping requests from Poland, to Japan, to New Zealand and even Canada! It’s no longer just Australia experiencing the joy of a quiet night’s sleep, it’s the whole world.
Last but far from least, there is our wonderful customers themselves who take the time to share with us their success stories. Whether it be a 3-year-old who was only waking once in the night, or twin bubs experiencing night terrors, every victory with Glow Dreaming deserves to be shared so that our community can thrive, and new customers can get a glimpse at the success to come.
Many of these success stories have been shared in the articles, even further expanding the community to places we are looking forward to learning more about. We’re all in this together at Glow Dreaming. You can read the many reviews and stories from any of the links below:
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