Transforming Sleep with Glow Dreaming: A Game-Changer for NDIS Recipients

If your family is neurodiverse or managing any chronic health conditions, it’s likely that your sleep is different from other families. We know that settling to sleep can be a long, difficult process every night for people with ADHD and ASD, and that many other chronic health conditions and medications can have an impact on your sleep.  

Glow Dreaming products are designed to help as many families as possible, and we have been so happy to hear from many families over the years who have had huge success improving their children’s sleep routines with our unique combination of true pink noise, red LED Light therapy, green light and humidity. 

Pink Noise...

If your child struggles with sensory input and overload, pink noise can be an absolute game-changer. Pink noise creates a soothing, consistent soundscape that can help your little one unwind and focus. Our pink noise blocks out other household noises which can distract or interrupt your little one both while they are winding down for sleep and during their sleep too. Pink noise has an even smoother sound-wave than it’s synthetic cousin, white noise, meaning there are less peaks and troughs in the sound, making it a perfect fit for the most active minds. 

Our Red LED Light Therapy...

helps your little one generate more of their own natural melatonin, the hormone that makes us drowsy and prepares the body for sleep. Red Light can be used by everyone to help set a healthy natural body clock and support strong natural circadian rhythms, and it can be especially beneficial if your little one really struggles to wind down and settle at the start of the evening. Red LED Light Therapy is very gentle and non-invasive, and can be used alongside most medications and therapies to support your sleep every night. 

You can use our Red LED Light all night long as a super gentle night light, or you can switch to our green light as a night light instead. The green light is also a great way to support focus and attention during the daytime. 

If your child processes sensory input in different ways from other children, you may like to introduce one feature of the Glow at a time, giving your child a chance to adjust to the Glow at their own pace and to absorb this change to their routine more gradually. Our Customer Care team are on hand to help share some personalised suggestions for introducing the Glow to your family, contact us anytime for some help. 

Money-Back Guarantee...

The Glow Sleep Easy comes with our 60 night guarantee, so you can introduce the Glow to your routine slowly and give your little one the time they need to feel the benefits. We know that every child is different, so we want you to try the Glow and have peace of mind that if it really isn’t the right fit for your family, you can return it for a refund. 

We are committed to making things as easy as possible for your family to access and try the Glow at home, so we are proud to be a registered NDIS provider. Speak to your plan manager about the Glow Sleep Easy today, then Contact Us to request an invoice. We will be happy to send an invoice to you or your plan manager so you can order a Glow Sleep Easy via your NDIS funding.  

Contact Us now – we can’t wait to help you get the sleep you deserve. 


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