Our New Line of Essential Oils

We’re so very excited to bring you our all-new range of exquisite essential oil blends.  

It has been a dream of ours for a long time to launch our own line of natural essential oils, specifically crafted to enrich your wind down routine and help your family get the best sleep possible.

Including aromatherapy in your bedtime routine is such an important step in supporting the deep, easy breathing needed for truly restful sleep.

When we’re tired, all our muscles are tired, including the ones supporting our lungs – so our breathing becomes shorter and shallow. We all know that we need to take deep, long breaths to relax our bodies and minds for sleep: using aromatherapy in your routine is a great way to support this relaxing, healthy breathing and improve the quality of your wind down and overnight sleep. 

We are proud to have partnered with Australian Botanical Products to bring you three new blends of all natural essential oils to support your family’s sleep: 

  • Glow Lullaby 

  • Immunity Boost 

  • Breathe Easy 

Each oil is a unique, curated blend of natural botanicals that we have selected for their properties that support great sleep. These blends are complex and layered, with a perfect balance between delicate florals, full-bodied herbs, fresh citrus and resonant foliage. Each ingredient was selected for its powerful properties to promote great sleep while being safe for your family. We have taken care to ensure all our oils are safe to use with young babies, children and during pregnancy, as well as with your pets (furry family members). 

Australian Botanical Products (ABP) source the raw ingredients for our blends directly from the growers and producers to ensure the purity and quality of the oils we supply to our customers. All our oils are sourced from natural raw ingredients and are 100% pure extracts – free from synthetic chemicals, diluting agents and harmful additives. 

All-new Glow Lullaby 

We can’t wait for you to try our all new Glow Lullaby blend in your evening routine each night. Add Glow Lullaby to your Glow Sleep Easy each night before taking your baby to bed to enrich their wind down time and help them learn to settle to sleep more easily and quickly. Glow Lullaby has prominent notes of lavender and sweet orange, which are well known for their relaxation properties, rounded out with subtle layers of sandalwood, rose, mandarin and other botanicals. This natural blend helps your baby learn to prepare for bedtime and to practice deeper, more relaxing breathing every night.  

All-new Immunity Boost 

Sometimes it can feel like viruses and bugs are everywhere, and that our families are constantly coming down with sickness or allergies. Viruses that cause sinus congestion like colds and flus thrive in cold, dry air: running your ultrasonic Glow humidifier during the day can help you maintain healthy humidity levels making it harder for these bugs to thrive in your home. Immunity Boost takes this to the next level with the powerful antioxidant properties of turmeric and ginger, paired with smooth vanilla and other botanicals. Try this blend in your Glow throughout the daytime to help keep bugs at bay. 

All-new Breathe Easy 

If illness does strike, swap out your Glow Lullaby each evening for our more potent Breathe Easy blend with it’s strong decongestant properties. Most decongestant blends are too strong for young babies and contain ingredients like eucalyptus which can be risky for pets: our Breathe Easy oil puts fragonia in the foreground, with it’s fresh aroma reminiscent of tea-tree and citrus. Blended with black spruce for even more freshness and potency and rounded out with the gentle earthy tones of coriander, cardamom and rosemary, along with other botanicals, this blend helps to ease congestion. Gentle enough to use with babies from 8 weeks of age. 

We know you’ll love these new blends as much as we do – order yours today! 

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