Our New Oils: A deep-dive into our new essential oils blends.

Our all new essential oil blends have been a true labour of love for the Glow Team. We wanted to ensure our new blends contain powerful ingredients with proven effectiveness improving your sleep, with our highest priority being safety while also delivering a fresh, unique aroma that is unlike anything else you may have tried in the past. Our oils have been meticulously crafted in accordance with the scientific principles outlined in "Essential Oil Safety: A Guide for Health Care Professionals" by experienced experts.


Aromatherapy is a brilliant way to enrich your daily sleep routine: smell is the sense that is most closely linked to memory, so using one blend consistently each night as you wind-down helps the brain associate that aroma with the process of settling to sleep. By consistently using our blends like Glow Lullaby, you create a healthy sleep association that aids your little one in learning to self-soothe and achieve a restful sleep state.


Glow Lullaby 

At the end of the day, all our muscles are tired, including the ones that support our lungs. So, our breathing can become shallower: this is one of the reasons why we yawn when we’re tired! Our bodies may need that little bit of extra help to take healthy, deep breaths at night-time: using aromatherapy each day is a great way to promote that deeper, more relaxing breathing. Lavender has been associated with relaxation and rest for centuries: there’s a reason why so many baby shampoos and moisturisers are lavender scented. Glow Lullaby combines lavender's with the calming effects of sweet orange, mandarin, Australian sandalwood, rose, and vanilla. These carefully selected ingredients work synergistically to promote deep, relaxing breathing, assisting your little one in seamlessly transitioning between sleep phases and improving overall sleep quality.



Immunity Boost 

When viruses and illness are threatening your family, we all look for ways to support healthy immune function and keep sickness at bay. We all know that honey, ginger and tumeric have powerful anti-inflammatory effects; these ingredients have also been linked to improved immune function in several studies. Tumeric and ginger are cousins in their plant family and have been used for thousands of years in traditional medicines to reduce inflammation, boost the immune system and ease discomfort. These natural ingredients have been extensively studied and linked to enhanced immune function, making them ideal for fortifying the body's defenses against viruses and other ailments.



Breathe Easy 

Sometimes we feel like we need a more potent blend to break up congestion and help our little ones breathe comfortably when they do get struck down by bugs. Many strong blends feature extremely intense eucalyptus and menthol, which can cause a deeply cold or even a burning sensation for very sensitive noses, and are often not safe to use with babies and young children. We know that many parents want a strong blend to help ease congestion, so we have carefully selected ingredients that have give you that fresh hit through the sinuses without being too overpowering for little ones. The stars of the show are Fragonia and Black Spruce – a smoother, sweeter cousin to pine and fir with strong expectorant properties to help break up congestion. We’ve levelled up with the antibacterial properties of veviter, rosemary and coriander seed to create a blend that is potent, fresh, and safe for little ones. Adding Breathe Easy to your humidifier will clear the sinuses and reduce inflammation in the nasal passages, allowing congestion to drain more freely and easing discomfort. Use Breathe Easy instead of Glow Lullaby when illness strikes. 


The ingredients in our new blends have been carefully selected for their powerful properties supporting your family’s easiest breathing and deepest sleep. These blends are safe to use during pregnancy and from birth when diluted and diffused in your Glow Sleep Easy humidifier and Travel Sleep Easy as directed. Download our free app to check the recommended dosage for your child based on their age quickly and easily – and use the bluetooth remote control to turn on your Glow humidifier from any room in your home. Our commitment to safety and scientific principles ensures that you can confidently incorporate these blends into your family's well-being routine.

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