The Sleep Aid that doesn't create dependency...

We commonly get asked if the Glow Dreaming will create a dependency that will make things hard in the long run where your little one's sleep is concerned.
The answer is NO!

Glow Dreaming actually teaches your child positive sleeping habits that they'll be able to take with them for the rest of their lives.

How does the Glow teach positive sleeping habits?

Do you know what our Circadian Rhythm is?
It's essentially our sleep body clock. This isn't something that we're born with, but rather something that we develop at the start of our lives. It's the way our bodies learn when to start winding down, when to begin releasing our sleep hormone, melatonin, and pretty much when we start to get into a schedule of understanding that day = awake and night = sleep.

Nowadays, with blue lights all around us, these hormonal release triggers are thrown all out of whack, not to mention it can be super hard to get into a routine when you're fresh earth-side and still figuring everything out!

The Glow Dreaming, through the Red LED Light therapy, helps your little one develop their Circadian Rhythm in a healthy and positive way, allowing them to understand and get a handle on the difference between day and night, as well as sleep and awake time.

If you ever move away from using the Glow, these habits won't disappear! They stick with your mini forever!

Are there any aspects of the Glow that create dependency?


There is a reason why the Glow Dreaming only has the option to play Pink Noise.

Glow Dreaming doesn’t use anything known as ‘discernable sounds’, including lullabies and music, as these can create dependencies. Meaning that once you build these into your sleep routine, you may find you can’t sleep without them in the future. 

Pink noise doesn’t create this dependency so it’s very safe to use to build the healthiest sleep habits. 

Organic sounds do not carry any risk of dependency - so while you may sleep better with your pink noise playing, you will also be able to fall asleep without it at any time.

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