Transitioning Your Child Into A New Environment

Positive habits and sleep routines are the key to a good nights sleep for you and your child.  It’s only natural to feel anxious about changing their routine and moving them into a new sleep-inducing environment. Whether you are moving away from co-sleeping, moving house or moving your child into their big boy/girl bed – the routine should be pre-determined, solid, and consistent.  Consistency in a bedtime routine helps children feel secure. The routine cues will help them wind down before bed and it enables them to predict their next move. After all, young children have limited knowledge and understanding of time.

Let’s start by thinking about your current routine, what works for you currently that you can carry over to your new routine? Steps, like having a bath, reading a story, feeding in a dark room or simply changing them into their sleep suit, provides babies and children with a routine, a cue to say ‘It’s time for bed’ Below is an example of a solid, consistent routine that helps to promote the production of melatonin and encourages your child to self-settle.


  1. Bath time! A warm, aromatic bath for children crawling around and getting into messes. Younger babies don’t need to be bathed every day, so you could try a little massage or singing a gentle song
  2. Turn on the Red LED light on your Glow Dreaming to the highest setting
  3. Pour the recommended number of drops of Glow Lullaby essential oil into your Glow Dreaming and turn on the humidifier
  4. Change your baby into their sleep suit, ensuring their nappy is fitted correctly and their singlet is tucked right in so they don’t roll up and become uncomfortable. Swaddling is also a great idea, and is safe to do until your child can roll over on their own.
  5. Sit down in your child’s sleep space in preparation to feed, sing a song or read a story. This is where a comfortable armchair comes in handy.
  6. The room should already be dark-ish aside from the red light from your Glow Dreaming and have a beautiful, relaxing aroma from your Glow Lullaby Essential Oil
  7. When you’ve finished reading your story, singing or feeding give your child a kiss, a big cuddle and say your goodnights

You may like to let your child know in advance that soon it’s going to be bedtime. This helps with predictability, children have limited knowledge on time and practicing consistent predictability helps with your child’s understanding of time. Children have all the time in the world, while we feel like we have limited time. Although, it’s quite remarkable how children can develop a sense of order through a routine. 


Create A Healthy Routine That Leaves Your Child Happy And Well-Rested. Visit Our Website For More Information.

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