Understanding Safe Sound Levels for Babies: Essential Tips for Parents

In the quest to soothe your baby to sleep, cranking up the volume might seem like a quick fix. But the truth is, you could inadvertently be putting your baby’s hearing at risk.

What's the safe threshold?

Anything exceeding 80 decibels (DB) could potentially harm your baby's delicate ears. This includes using devices like phones, iPads, or computers, especially if they don't limit sound output to safe levels.

Surprisingly, iPhones can produce sounds as loud as 115 DB, even when playing sounds intended to help your baby sleep.

Here's the kicker: while safe sound levels for infants are known, there's no legislation enforcing toys or other sound-emitting devices to adhere to these guidelines.

Like anything we do at Glow Dreaming, safety is our top priority.

Glow Dreaming exclusively plays pink noise and all are within safe levels for your child.

We collaborated with Dr. Stéphane Pigeon, a world-renowned expert in sound design and research engineering from Belgium. With experience working for NATO and as the exclusive sound designer at Roland Corporation, Dr. Pigeon ensured that the pink noise in Glow Dreaming is not only safe for babies but also promotes delta wave sleep, facilitating deep and restful slumber.




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