Unlocking the Secrets of Baby Sleep: Decoding Sleep Cues for 0–6-Month-Olds

It’s actually pretty cool when you realise that the tiniest signals from your little one can hold the key to a good night's sleep.  

We think it’s time to unravel the mysteries of baby sleep cues for newborns to six-month-old’s (0-6 months – interested in sleep cues for 6 – 24 months? Check out this blog HERE).  


Understanding these subtle signs can make a world of difference in establishing a bedtime routine and ensuring both you and your little love get the rest you need.  

Cracking the Code of Baby Sleep Cues…. 


The Language of Yawns and Eye Rubs  

Babies might not be able to express themselves in words, but their body language speaks volumes. Yawning and gentle eye rubbing are classic signals that your little one is ready for some shut eye! 


Calm Before the Storm: Quieting Down  

Before the storm of over tired tears hits, there's often a calm period where your baby becomes unusually quiet. Recognising this phase can help you pre-emptively respond to your baby's sleep needs.  


Observing Circadian Rhythms  

This is something that may sound familiar to you, as we talk about it all the time here at Glow, and how the Glow Sleep Easy helps your baby develop their Circadian Rhythm, a.k.a. their internal sleep body clock! 

Understanding your baby's natural circadian rhythms is crucial. Learn to identify when your baby is naturally more alert or sleepy to create a sleep schedule that aligns with their internal clock.  
Not sure where to start on this one? That’s okay! We have just the thing… 

The Glow Sleep Genie App provides a sleep scheduler that has been created SPECIFICALLY to your baby’s age. And right now, Premium Access to the app is FREE to for all downloads. All you have to do is sign up, pop in your little one’s date of birth and taa-daa, you have a full, customisable sleep scheduler to help you create those solid sleep foundations. 
The best part is that little ‘customisable’ tid-bit. That means that you can change the times that are automatically input as you learn and go, continuously tailoring it until it’s just perfect for you! 

Patience, Patience, Patience  

Every baby is unique, and their sleep cues may evolve over time. Embrace the journey and be patient with both yourself and your little one as you navigate the world of baby sleep. We encourage parents to trust their instincts. Learn to tune into your parental intuition, and you'll find yourself deciphering your baby's sleep cues with increasing confidence. Remember, every yawn, eye rub, and moment of quiet is a precious clue, helping you create a sleep routine that nurtures both your baby and your sanity.  

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