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Individualised Circadian Rhythm Amelioration


Natural behaviour-based adjustment of the child’s body clock to ensure you get the sleep you need.

A World First.

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Using 28 scientifically engineered questions, ICRA builds a tailored sleep program that matches you and your child’s personalities. Over 14 days ICRA will check in with you regularly, keeping you on track for sleep success.

At the end of your 14-day ICRA program we give you the peace of mind you deserve by providing an extra 7 days support with one of our sleep specialists. Sleep has never been more accessible.


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Glow Dreaming is the brand parents trust.

In just over 3 years, the #1 ranked Australian sleep aid has helped 80,000 children get the sleep they need.

What your sleep report will look like.

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The algorithm behind ICRA has been created using over 53 peer reviewed, scientific research papers and a large data pool of thousands of parents just like you.

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With ICRA, Glow Dreaming continues to lead the world in making it easier and more affordable than ever before to get the sleep you’ve been looking for.

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